Pins Brown
Associate Director

Pins specialises in:

  • strategic advice on effectively addressing labour and human rights issues
  • facilitation and experiential training
  • working conditions for small farmers, agricultural workers and homeworkers in international supply chains
  • good governance and operation of multi-stakeholder initiatives and certification bodies
  • understanding of contentious, invisible or misunderstood issues such as purchasing practices and living wages
  • equal opportunity, gender and women’s rights at the workplace

Pins has 18 years’ experience addressing labour rights from different angles in many countries (including the UK), gained from Ergon’s consultancy practice and a varied previous career in business (The Body Shop), multi-stakeholder initiative (UK Ethical Trading Initiative), UN (UN High Commissioner for Refugees), NGO roles (Anti-Slavery International) and working for herself as a consultant and trainer. She has served on advisory panels on UK prison labour and on sustainable cotton.