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Podcast: Labour considerations for emerging market private equity funds

Investor uptake of environmental, social, or governance (ESG) considerations signals an important shift towards more sustainable investment decision making. However, in many respects consideration of social factors, including labour dimensions, has lagged behind.

‘Moving the Market’ is a collaborative grant supported by Humanity United, Freedom Fund, and UBS Optimus Foundation that aims to support projects which can strengthen investor approaches to labour – including modern slavery and other forms of serious exploitation. As participants in this project, Ergon focused on labour considerations for emerging market private equity and produced a guidance which aims to support fund manager due diligence and monitoring. This podcast provides an overview of the guidance and includes interviews with representatives from different fund managers to offer their perspectives.

This podcast, hosted by Ergon Senior Consultant Mac Ngo, provides an overview of the project and guidance. He is joined by ESG leads from two fund managers, Chigozie Ejimogu and Bruk Asfaw, who offer perspectives based on their investment experience.

You can listen to the podcast here.

The guidance is available here.