Posted by Sam Kelly

Decent Work Country Program for The Bahamas (2021-2026)

During 2019-2020, Ergon supported the ILO and its tripartite partners to develop a next-generation Decent Work Country Program (DWCP) for The Bahamas. This involved in-depth analysis of the social and economic context of The Bahamas, support for social partner dialogue, and the development of policy recommendations. The DWCP provides a strategic framework and programming tool that sets strategic priorities and target outcomes to coordinate national efforts to advance the Decent Work Agenda in The Bahamas and contribute to wider national development goals.

What is a Decent Work Country Program? Decent work country programs are the main vehicle for delivery of ILO support countries. They aim to promote decent work as a key component of national development strategies and to organise ILO knowledge, advocacy, and cooperation to support national tripartite constituents to advance the Decent Work Agenda.