Anya Marcelis
Consultant, Ergon Associates B.V.

Anya’s main interests and expertise include:

  • Global restructuring of production, including feminisation, informalisation and casualisation of labour in global supply chains
  • Gender policies in global development agendas
  • Social reproduction of labour, home-based and care labour
  • Working conditions of rural and migrant workers in the Global South, and workers in Export Processing Zones

Prior to joining Ergon in April 2019, her work mainly encompassed research and analysis of financial and trade relationships in and across global supply chains, assessments of corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies and practices and targeted analyses of commercial and development finance institutions’ portfolios across ESG-sensitive sectors.

Anya has an MSc in Labour, Social Movements and Development from SOAS, where she focused on the effects of globalisation and the restructuring of production on female workers’ individual and collective agency in contemporary workplaces in the Global South.