Our strategic advisory services and innovative research projects assist clients to understand impacts and strengthen human rights outcomes

Consultancy & Strategy

Strategic direction

Our advice helps refine priorities and define strategic objectives through horizon-scanning, external benchmarking and internal consultations.

Due diligence

We support human rights and labour standards due diligence processes with advice, research, facilitated discussions, risk prioritisation, benchmarking and stakeholder engagement.

Practical guidance

We help organisations understand and navigate the issues, and develop tools and practical resources that they can use to implement policy commitments in day-to-day operational contexts.

Operational support

We provide expert advice on specific situations such as interpreting national labour law, responding to human rights challenges, implementing gender plans and addressing stakeholder complaints.

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Research & Analysis

Policy and research reports

We undertake major research and policy studies on employment, gender and human rights questions in major industrial and agricultural sectors worldwide, with a particular focus on transition and developing economies.

Global risk assessments

Our global risk maps and country rankings cover the full range of human rights issues across global sourcing countries and supply chains. They are used by corporations, financial institutions and certification bodies as part of their due diligence processes.

Country risk analysis

We compile detailed and regularly updated labour and human rights assessments on more than 80 countries covering national law, labour markets, employment practices, human rights risks and compliance gaps at national and sectoral level.

Human rights impact assessments

Our human rights impact assessments can be applied to corporations and to individual projects in sectors including infrastructure, agriculture, resource extraction and manufacturing, either on a stand-alone basis or as part of social impact assessments.

Workplace assessments

We undertake workplace assessments using innovative techniques focused on worker voice to understand underlying problems affecting workers and to identify how improvements can be instituted.

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We support improvements in employment policies and human rights outcomes in workplaces through needs analysis and training managers and workers. Subjects can range from gender equality to freedom of association or modern slavery.

Training and development

We develop and deliver learning and development programmes for clients on issues such as modern slavery, human rights due diligence and labour standards, as well as on cross-cutting issues such as gender and migrant workers.



We provide external management and facilitation for policy development processes, individual stakeholder meetings, and for ongoing forums and networks.

Complaints handling

We develop and manage operational complaints and grievance processes, consistent with the UNGPs, for projects, work sites and companies.

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