Brett Dodge
Senior Consultant, Lead - Human Rights and Agrifood Systems

Brett has been with Ergon since 2011 and primarily specialises in research, project management and stakeholder engagement on labour and human rights in agriculture and primary sector supply chains around the world. He has delivered field research on workers’ rights and labour conditions in India (tea), Ghana (cocoa), Kenya (horticulture), Ethiopia (flowers), Tanzania (flowers, horticulture), Turkey (cotton), and others.

At Ergon, Brett focuses on:

  • Designing and facilitating start-up of new country programmes for standards organizations and not-for-profit groups
  • Support for brands and NGOs to incorporate learnings from anti-slavery initiatives and forced labour due diligence programmes
  • Quantitative analysis on understanding wages and fair wage analysis in various global production chains
  • Developing techniques and tools to measure and monitor human rights risks as part of company and multi-stakeholder due diligence programmes
  • Training, capacity building and workshop facilitation for business and civil society organizations

Brett is interested in:

  • Understanding specific agriculture and commodity supply chains and exploring solutions to their impacts on workers, smallholders and rural communities
  • Supporting standards and certification organizations to enhance positive impacts for hired labour workers in commodity supply chains
  • Tools and methods to bring forward ‘worker voice’– especially rural women
  • The intersection of human rights and climate change

Brett has a background in business and human rights and international labour standards. He has an LLM in International Human Rights from the University of Essex and a BA from the University of North Carolina at Asheville.