Zachary Dexter

Zach originally joined Ergon as an intern in 2018. Since re-joining Ergon in Spring 2021, Zach has worked on projects related to human rights and sport, and the delivery of online labour rights trainings for practitioners in the oil and gas industry. Recent work includes research for a human rights impact assessment in an Argentinian agricultural supply chain.

He holds a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics BA with First Class Honours from the University of Nottingham, where he specialised in Ethics, particularly environmental ethics.

Zach’s main areas of interest include:

  • The intersection between sport and human rights
  • The principles which underpin the obligations of companies and countries to respect the rights of their workers / citizens
  • Agricultural supply chains in Latin-American countries
  • Economic inclusion of immigrants and refugees in host countries
  • Climate justice and its interaction with human rights