Posted by Steve Gibbons

Human rights assessment for winning 2026 FIFA World Cup bid

Ergon researched and drafted the independent assessment of Human rights in Canada, Mexico and the USA in the context of a potential FIFA 2026 World Cup. This was commissioned by the joint Canada, Mexico and USA ‘United Bid’, which was subsequently awarded the competition by FIFA in June 2018. The independent report followed new FIFA bidding requirements for the 2026 competition that included requirements that each bid should have commissioned an independent study which considers “how the national context, including the national legislation and legal practice, may impede or enable the Member Association’s ability to host and stage  the Competition, including legacy and post-event related activities, in a manner that respects all Internationally Recognised Human Rights, especially in the areas where risks of adverse human rights impacts have been identified”.  Key issues covered by the report include: gaps in national legislation, issues affecting workers and volunteers such as labour standards and worker safety, those affecting fans, journalists and players such as freedom of movement and freedom of expression, and those impacting on communities such as land rights issues.