Posted by Macduy Ngo

Returning to the workplace during COVID-19

This interim guidance note offers assistance to employers on how to anticipate and manage labour-related issues where operations are resuming – in part or in full – after lockdowns, particularly where a return to pre-COVID-19 work locations is involved. This includes analysis of:
– Contextual factors influencing a return to work during the COVID-19 outbreak, particularly easing of restrictions, easing of temporary relief schemes, and employment and occupational health and safety laws.
– Return to work planning and approaches including assessing workforce implications, engaging and communicating with workers, revising Human Resources (HR) policies, recalling workers, and transitioning the workforce.
– Sector-specific challenges and potential responses in manufacturing; infrastructure construction and real estate; financial services; retail/business to consumer (B2C) services; agribusiness; and healthcare.