Posted by Kirsten Newitt

Tackling childcare: The business case for employer-supported childcare

In partnership with the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, Ergon contributed to the flagship IFC report Tackling Childcare: The Business Case for Employer-Supported Childcare. The report is based on fieldwork resulting in a series of case studies of companies that are supporting their employees’ childcare needs in different industries and regulatory contexts, including in Brazil, Germany, India, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, South Africa, Turkey, and the United States.To develop enterprise-level case studies, Ergon staff carried out site visits and interviews at Borusan Holding in Turkey (heavy industry), Afrifresh in South Africa (agribusiness) and Safaricom in Kenya (telecommunications).

The report makes the case that employer-supported childcare is good for business and good for development. Investments in childcare support the current and future workforce. When parents have access to quality, affordable childcare, they are able to retain their jobs and focus on their work. Improving access to childcare can improve workforce diversity and help women enter and advance in the workforce. Childcare support can also boost a company’s ability to attract and retain top talent, resulting in better business outcomes. Most importantly, children who have access to early childhood education and care are healthier and perform better in school.

The full report is available here.