Guidance: Athletes Declaration Implementation Guide

In 2023, we supported the IOC to develop the Athletes’ Declaration Implementation Guide. This report provides guidance on how International Sports Federations and National Olympic Committees can promote athletes’ rights, in line with the Athletes Rights and Responsibilities Declaration (link to Athletes’ Declaration – Who we are – Voice – Athlete365 (  The Declaration outlines 12 rights that athletes are entitled to during their sporting careers, ranging from non-discrimination to access to education, athlete representation, and protection of mental and physical health.

There is a great deal of diversity among Olympic Movement constituents in terms of priorities, institutional capacity and operational realities, therefore practical actions are provided at both baseline- and stetch- levels to suit diverse needs. Across all 12 rights categories, the guidance includes exisiting best practice from sports federations and Olympic Committees to highlight work that is already being done to promote atheletes’ rights. The guide also includes useful resources to support implementation.