Alastair Usher

Alastair’s focus areas include:

  • jobs and development
  • gender in the workplace
  • wages in low-income countries
  • social dimensions of rural development
  • rights in informal economies
  • responsible restructuring
  • employment-intensive investment

Alastair is a co-founder of Ergon. Over the past 15 years, he has worked on labour, employment and gender issues in emerging and developing economies worldwide.

He works with a range of organisations and has a multi-disciplinary approach, leading projects on governance, industrial relations, labour law and development economics. An experienced trainer and facilitator, Alastair aims to combine policy and strategy development, organisational strengthening and direct project implementation.

Before Ergon, Alastair was senior researcher in the international department of Incomes Data Services (IDS), where he acted as UK research co-ordinator for the international WageIndicator programme run by University of Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Labour Studies.