Sam Kelly

Sam has particular interest and expertise in Latin America and the developing world, including:

• labour standards in trade agreements (especially the US, EU, and Mercosur);
• international and regional human rights governance;
• indigenous and ethnic minority rights; and
• the broader politics of international labour standards, human rights, and democratization, especially in Latin America

Before joining Ergon in March 2018, Sam was a postdoctoral research associate in London working on a range of academic research projects concerning international labour standards in the context of trade relations, comparative democratization, and the international relations of Latin America. Previously, he completed an MA in Latin American Studies and a PhD in Comparative Politics, both at University College London.

During his academic career, Sam has lived, worked, and conducted extensive field research in several Latin American countries for projects on labour relations, international trade, ethnic politics, elections and political behaviour, and the promotion of democracy in the region.